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hey guys has anyone seen cyberbully i lov the movie i think it’s sad but i faced almost all of that in real life so i think it’s great tht pepole are doing this

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ahh my hair

Loren opens the whipped cream and squirts him all over his hair.
Eddie: ahhh!! My hair!
Loren: your worst than a girl when it comes go your hair!

amanda todd

in memory of amanda todd tomorrow everyone should where black or grey to show people what happen and tell them her story we should stand up to bullies before it gets worse and if you die doing it you will die knowing you stood up for someone or your self and protected many during that time

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 don’t ignore this folks.. where do you think you’ll be after death? come on, think.. your soul isn’t going to another being or animal, either Heaven or hell..

Erm yea. 

God has taken cancer away from my mom. I love him with all my heart. Thank you so much.

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Cody Longo

Wednesday Video Week 2 <3

ya justin biber is how to pronounce it cody lol loved that part

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Reblof if you’ve ever been called fat, ugly, …


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Loren: Good morning Katy! Good morning Bently! And good morning to you too Mr.Duran….

Katy: Hi mommy

Bently: Hi momma…

Eddie: Good morning to you too Mrs.Duran.

'i know alot more words than my kids'

*big fan of this fanfiction

all of eddies hot pics

 ”But can you answer me one thing?” he asked.


"Why did you tear down all of those hot pictures of me?" Eddie had asked her this so sincerely that Loren couldn’t tell if she should laugh or not. She sat up and looked directly into his eyes, trying to figure out the answer. He finally let out a grin and she rolled her eyes and laid her head back on his shoulder. "I’m kidding, I’m kidding," he told her.

"I don’t have any pictures…of us," she answered him honestly. "It seems silly for me to be obsessing like a fan over my…well, you."

"Your what?" Eddie asked her, curious. "Are you afraid to call me your boyfriend?"

"Well, are you?" she asked him in return.

"Well, you’re my girlfriend, so I guess that makes me your boyfriend."

With that, Loren smiled, knowing not everything was bad. Then she remembered how rude she had been cutting Eddie off. “I’m so sorry, Eddie, I forgot you were trying to say something.”

"I was?" he asked, forgetting.

"Yeah, you said my name, and then I stopped you…"

Eddie was hoping she wouldn’t remember this; what he said was out of his heart, but he wasn’t sure now was the time. “I was just saying, Loren, I’m…here for you.”

mind change

since one person got it right on the first try i’ll give you the password because that shows you all do pay attention to the show


password:  eddieduran

so deep

"Loren, are you going to kill me and dump that body in this dump? Where are we?"

I laugh. “Eddie, trust me, you are going to love this place. Just follow me. Sometime, the ugliest places are the most beautiful.”

"Loren Tate, that was so deep" he says as he laughs.

"I know. I am a very deep person. I hope you like Indian food."

"I love it!"

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what i think about the shows second season

*this was written towards nickelodeon when i signed the petition 

the show is the only thing i connect with it is about a girl name loren anguess what she lives the dream that i wanted to come true for me. i can connect with loren in so many more ways than one. i know what its like to have little miss popular always down your throat and thanks to this show i really am able to stand up to her now and we are even friends. some day i want to be just like loren and live out my dream but right now i am only twelve so i got a long way to go please dont cancel this show it is what helps me with common life problems like bullies stage fright i just got over mine last week i took eddie’s advice and i sung in front of everyone in my school it also helped me with figuring out that with my dreams anything can come true when i saw loren pursuing her dream i thought wow if she can do that and still take care of school work i can try and pursue my dream but the one time that it helped me through alot was when eddie told loren”there are always gonna be people who don’t like what you do no matter what you do.” that is the motto that helps me when one or two people start saying dont stand up for yourself when everyone else is cheering you on its like 99.9% of the people who comment on what you do will like it and the other.01% won’t but it is just a way of life. i never thought i would love a show this much but not olnly is it a really awesome show it’s also a really great thing to use to build up your self esteem but what im trying to say is it has been a great learning experience and i really dont want it to end so please keep he show on the air if not is been a great learning experience and i am happy i can remember it through my life but if there is one thing i learned from this show it is that to never give up easily on something you love so yea i guess lookin back i can see chloe’s point of view she doesn’t really love  eddie or maybe she does but she loves winning , fame and fortune.thank you for taking your time out of you day to read this you don’t know how much i appreciate it i know it’s really long and i’m sorry but this is how i feel about this show and i will not change my opinion about it no matter what people say thank you Nickelodeon  i am very grateful but no matter what the outcome i have learned i need to be a great sport.

answer the question i said answer the question

the first person to get this right gets to read fanfics that brittany underwood posted her self or if you r a true hollywood heights fan you might figure out her password. by the way some of this will give you hints on what will happpen if there is a season 2 ;)

what female has not been on the show since the episode when Eddie finds about Loren’s lasagna problem? give the name she is called by on the show.

the first ten people to get this question right will be able to see the fanfics first but after we find the first ten winners we will post another question.

Brittany underwood has been posing her stuff through this account for along time. she has recently been given permission to release this confidential info about the show any questions to be asked shall be answered asap unless having to do with the second season.

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